2021 National Tour Update

It is happening!!! 2020 has shown we need to adapt to everything that COVID throws at us and this will include the 2021 National Tour. International travel is impossible but once again the Verband is assisting, however the format of our tour will be different in 2021. German classifiers will be reviewing endless videos of mares and foals.

Foals can be registered in the following methods:

  • If your mare is already classified then simply fill in Application for Foal Registration online and we will post out a DNA pack and marking sheet for your vet to fill in. 
  • As above, but also video your foal so it can be judged for gold and silver awards.
  • Attend a venue where HHSA representatives can assist with video, taking DNA and doing markings and branding. No scores will be given on the day.

    Mares can be classified in the following methods:
  • Follow the instructions and submit a video of your mare. Your mare will then be assessed by a classifier panel. 
  • Attend a central venue where HHSA classifier is present and a HHSA
    representative is there to assist with video. Your mare will also be assessed by the classifier panel. No scores will be given on the day.

To check out the tour and video inspection guidelines, please click here.