Becoming a Classifier for HHSA

Judge Training for Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia

Nomination for Future Judge

Any current financial member breeder of the HHSA can nominate for judge training by applying in writing to the HHSA Committee.

The application should contain a profile outlining relevant horse experience as a breeder, rider, trainer or judge. The HHSA Executive and the Hannnoveraner Verband will review your application and advise if your application has been successful to commence the first stage of the training program. For any
applicant to be considered there must be no conflict of interest as they must remain impartial always. They must also have the time available and the dedication to assist the HHSA when required.

Stage 1 training

The applicants are encouraged to enrol in the breed orientation course, and/or the mare show course both held annually in Germany. This is at the applicant’s own expense.

Stage 2 training

Stage 2 commences in Australia during the classification tour with these steps:

  1. Initial clinic with theory and practise: compulsory
  2. Accompany the judge on tour: compulsory – aim to see 20 mares and 40 foals. Must include mare performance testing in SE Qld and Remi Open Day or other designated States/venues.
  3. Review by judge

Result of the review could be that the nominated person is offered a recommendation to go to Germany for further intensive training. A minimum of one week, normally in June where the learner judge would be a part of a judging commission in Germany, with a test at the end. To be followed by
the decision: accepted as judge or more training, recommended for further training or not accepted. This decision is made solely by the Hannoveraner Verband.

All expenses incurred with stage 2 are the responsibility of the applicant.

Stage 3 Additional training requirements

To remain qualified every judge must renew their skills by going to Germany in June for a minimum of a week at least once in every 5 years.

All expenses incurred with stage 3 are the responsibility of the applicant.

Requirements of a Judge with HHSA

Classify mares, assist at mare performance testing and register foals where and when required by the HHSA. It is an expectation as a judge you will encourage breeders and owners to brand their foals. You will be required to undertake the branding process. Training in the branding process will be provided. As a Judge with the HHSA you will uphold the name of the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia at all times. You must communicate to all members in a respectful polite and tactful manner. Cost of fuel, meals, air fares and accommodation whilst fulfilling your role as a judge with HHSA will be reimbursed to you by the Society.