Breed Orientation Course 2014

This year’s Breed Orientation Course will be held from June 30 – July 5 in Verden Germany, with the option to stay on until July 6 and attend a foal show or local horse show’*.

This course is designed for English speaking breeders and friends of the Hanoverian and is an in-depth learning experience, offering lectures on bloodlines in Hanover and on the Hanoverian breeding programme; it includes the practical judging of horses, visits to mare shows, a visit to the State Stud at Celle and to the stallion performance testing station at Adelheidsdorf. The programme is rounded off by visits to breeding stations of the State Stud Celle and breeders` farms.

For more information please contact
Monika Meyer: Ph: +49 4231 673714   Fax: +4942 31673712
or  e-mail:

*The dates of foal shows will be determined during the next few weeks by local breeding clubs in the area. More details in coming newsletters.