Blood Typing / DNA Typing

It is mandatory for all horses entering the Hanoverian Stud book to be DNA typed at the cost of the owner. This includes:

Foals conceived by artificial insemination, either frozen semen or transported semen, and foals conceived by natural service or by embryo transfer.

Sires and Dams of the above horses to enable parentage validation.

Colts or stallions presented for Licensing.

Identification Register horses need only be DNA typed to the Hanoverian registered parent (paternal validation).

The DNA fee is $110 per horse and cheques/direct deposits should be made payable to the Hanoverian Horse Society. Once the Society receives this amount, a contra Society cheque is then made out to the Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre. The Equine DNA Laboratory will not accept samples or cheques from individuals. Any unauthorised samples may be destroyed by the laboratory. All applications for DNA testing must be made through the Society.

The Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre will only accept hair samples taken by an HHSA approved committee member or an approved veterinarian. Any samples taken by unauthorised persons will be rejected by the laboratory.

When the fees are received by the Society, the owner will be posted the appropriate forms which their vet/HHSA approved delegate will complete and forward with the sample to the DNA lab. The results may take about six weeks. Upon receipt of such, the Society retains a copy of the results and forwards the original DNA results to the owner.

Horses only need DNA typing once in their life. Many Thoroughbred mares have already been DNA typed or bloodtyped and may only need buffy coat. If unsure, contact the Society who will determine if testing is required. Many older stallions and mares may not be DNA typed and together with their progeny may still require DNA typing. Please contact the Society if you are unsure.