Identification Registration

The Hanoverian Horse Society has decided to establish an Identification Register, the purpose of which is to issue Identification Certificates to otherwise ineligible horses in order to formally acknowledge the Hanoverian component of a horse’s pedigree.

The Register helps keep track of the breeding records of licensed, performance tested stallions that may serve ineligible mares.

It must be noted that the Identification Register is not a Stud Book. NO IDENTIFICATION REGISTER HORSE NOR THEIR PROGENY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR AUTOMATIC UPGRADING INTO THE STUD BOOK. This is due to the fact that there will always be an ineligible part of their pedigree which prevents birth registration. Some identification registered mares will be eligible for Pre-Studbook classification.

However, the Identification Certificate is an official certificate issued by the Society. It contains all information relating to the horse including breeder/owner details, birth details, DNA number, markings in words and diagram. The pedigree is a full four generation pedigree showing breed, colour and life number where available. There is provision for changes of ownership and these are stamped and signed under the Seal of the Society. As with a pedigree certificate, the paper belongs to the horse and stays with the horse for life.

Not every horse will automatically be eligible for the Identification Register. In order to maintain the reputation of the Hanoverian breed, all horses applying for an Identification Certificate must be inspected, usually at the time of classification by a recognised classifier or a Committee member, for their suitability.

The following criteria apply for acceptance into the Identification Register:

  1. Must be progeny of a Hanoverian approved stallion either branded Hanoverian or with over 50% Hanoverian blood, and a mare from an accepted population.
  2. Must be inspected by a classifier, Veterinarian or a Committee member.
  3. Horses can be entered at any age but must be DNA typed to the registered Hanoverian parent.
  4. The non-Hanoverian portion of the pedigree should contain at least four generations of warmblood, Thoroughbred, Arab or Anglo-Arab.
  5. No broken or diluted coloured horses will be accepted.
  6. The Society reserves the right to refuse entry into the Identification Register for any reason.
  7. No branding with the Hanoverian brand will be allowed.
  8. The fee for issue of papers is $50 which includes inspection.