Pedigree Papers

Pink pedigree papers are issued by the Society for foals by Stallion Book sires out of Stud Book classified mares. The front page of the birth certificate bears the Hanoverian Society logo. The inside section consists of the pedigree, identification and branding information and a markings diagram. The back section consists of areas for change of ownership and breeding registration.

  1. Pedigree certificates are issued only when the following conditions are fulfilled: Both parents in the year of the covering act are registered in the appropriate section of the Stud Book or will be at the latest in the year of the birth of the foal.
  2. The foaling was announced within one month of the date of foaling.
  3. The identification of the foal at the mare’s foot is assured by the Society representative and DNA is undertaken and parentage validation is ascertained from the DNA sample.
  4. All applications are fully completed and accompanied by the appropriate fees.

Pedigree certificates contain the following information

  1. Name of the Breeders’ Association
  2. Date of Issuing
  3. Life number of the horse
  4. Name and address of the breeder and owner
  5. Last date of service of the mare
  6. Date of birth of the horse, sex, colour and markings
  7. Name of person sighting and/or branding the horse and the date
  8. Name, life number, colour and breed of four generations ancestry
  9. Results of Classification
  10. Results of Performance Testing
  11. Notes concerning Licensing
  12. Premium, Elite and Performance Awards
  13. Signature of the representative of the Society issuing the Pedigree Certificate.

The Pedigree Certificate is not to be altered in any way. No alterations or additions are permitted by anyone other than the Registrar of the Hanoverian Society. Any such amendments to the Birth Certificate are made under the Seal of the Society. The Pedigree Certificate is to be kept in a safe place. If the owner needs to post the Certificate anywhere, the Society recommends using Registered Post to guard against loss. The Pedigree Certificate should be sent back to the Society in the following cases:

  1. Change of ownership
  2. Owners requesting Classification of a mare
  3. Owners requesting Performance Testing of a mare
  4. Owners requesting Licensing or Performance Testing of a stallion
  5. The horse dies or is retired from the Stud Book
  6. Additions for Elite Mare, Premium Mare, Performance Mare
  7. There are errors on the Pedigree Certificate that the owner wishes corrected.

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