Duplicate Pedigree Papers

Duplicate papers may only be issued upon application by the breeder of the horse in question. New owners cannot request duplicate pedigree certificates. The application for duplicate papers must be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent.

The Statutory Declaration must include the following information.

  1. Name of the Breeder
  2. Name of the current owner, date of purchase.
  3. Has the owner received the original pedigree paper? In that case, when did he receive it?
  4. Detailed description of how the original pedigree paper got lost. When? How? Where?
  5. Detailed description of the horse – Life No., Colour, Markings, Sire, Dam, etc. with a photo if possible to compare markings.
  6. The owner must put in writing that in the case of finding the original pedigree paper; they will immediately return such to the Hanoverian Society.

The fee for the issuing of duplicate pedigree papers is $50 for Australian issued papers and $400 for German issued papers.

Upon receipt of the above documentation, the Society will decide whether to issue a duplicate copy of the pedigree certificate which will be clearly marked with the notation “Duplicate Issued (date)”.