Registered Name

The registered name should be applied for when submitting for foal registration, mare classification and stallion lic. This name will be recorded on the pedigree papers. The name can only be changed with the consent of the Society and a payment of a $150 fee.

Stud Book mares and Licensed stallions have priority when allocating names. If an unregistered horse is also known to hold the same name as a Stud Book registered horse, then the owner of the Stud Book horse will not have their application for that particular name rejected, unless the name is considered to be uniquely known and associated with the unregistered horse.

It is also possible that a horse will have several different names either during its lifetime or at the same time, depending on registration requirements with the Hanoverian Society and other organisations such as the Australian Stud Book, Equestrian Federation etc.

The registered name must begin with the same letter as the name of the sire. Stud Prefixes may be used in front of the horse’s name; however, Stud Prefixes may only be used by the breeder of the horse and should not change with the change of ownership of the horse.

Thoroughbred mares presented for classification may not use a name other than that which appears on the Australian Stud Book papers.