Certificate of Ownership

The Committee has introduced an appendix to the pink Pedigree Papers for non-studbook horses which details the current owner, registered name and stud prefix and is issued under the Society’s seal. These details are not currently noted on the Pedigree Paper of non-studbook horses and any unauthorised additions or deletions to the Pedigree Paper will invalidate the Paper. The Certificate of Ownership must not be used in place of the Pedigree Paper and should not be accepted as a means of identifying or selling a horse.

The definition of a non-studbook horse includes foals, yearlings, geldings, unlicensed stallions and unclassified mares.

A Certificate of Ownership can be issued at any age at the request of the current owner and with payment of the $10 fee, however, the stud prefix of the horse belongs to the breeder of the horse and cannot be changed with subsequent owners. The pink Pedigree Paper of the horse should be forwarded to the Society, together with the applicable application form when applying for a Certificate of Ownership to establish current ownership.

In the case of a non-studbook horse issued with a Certificate of Ownership entering the studbook, the current owner and the horse’s name will then be entered on the Pedigree Paper and the Certificate of Ownership then becomes null and void. Those requesting Certificates of Ownership or changes of ownership on this Certificate need not be current financial members of the Society but must pay the applicable fee of $15 for each notification to the Certificate.

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