Hanoverian Foal Pictorial

We Welcome the New Generation 

Foals are presented at annual HHSA inspections for registration and branding, and to enable the inspection panel to evaluate the offspring of licensed and approved Hanoverian stallions.

In order for a foal to be presented, it must be pre-entered in the inspection. This can only be achieved by sending the completed Foal registration form, along with payment, to the HHSA Registrar by the closing date each year.

The parentage of all foals registered with the HHSA must be verified by DNA typing. This is completed by the HHSA on the day of the tour by obtaining a hair sample from the foal. Parentage verification through DNA typing must be performed before a foal’s HHSA registration papers are issued.

The foal is presented in hand for an evaluation of its conformation, and is shown free at the side of the dam for an assessment of its gaits. When showing a foal, it is important to keep the mare positioned to the outside so that the inspectors have a clear, unobstructed view of the foal. Recognizing that foals are presented at various stages of age and development, the HHSA does not officially grade them during inspections.
2014 foal pictorial
The classifier/s do, however, choose the Top Ten Foals on Tour and if the classifier/s consider a few other foals warrant special mention then they are awarded Highly Commended Foals. Owners/breeders whose foals receive these awards can feel extremely proud.

Please enjoy this year’s selection of Hanoverian Foals on Tour.

2014 Foal Pictorial


Janette Lewis
HHSA President