HHSA Executive Committee 2020 AGM

The Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia held their AGM October 31, 2020 at Porters Plainland Hotel, Queensland, heart of breeding country, to cheer up Hanoverian breeders who have struggled through three years of drought. Attendees enjoyed a three-course meal and conversation with other breeders during the meeting.  Giant baseball sized hail was warned during the AGM, and we had many breeders there such as Dr. and Mrs. Duggan from NSW, who travelled inland to the venue with their new baby in tow.  Thankfully, no one suffered storm damage while attending the AGM. It was heart-warming to see younger breeders ready to step up and be willing to work in a committed group to pass on the love of the Hanoverian Horse.

Dr. Beasley discussed the problem of worms and bio-worming concepts, plus specialist equine reproductive vet, Dr. Chopin, discussed mares and problems with getting them in foal and getting the foal to full term and born.  He had to field questions from top breeders, like Cheryl O’Brien, but he was prepared with excellent answers.

The Committee welcomed two new persons onto the Executive team:  Sarah Walters is the new Secretary and Carla Stanford is Treasurer.  Due to work constraints, Clare Muller will be supervising the new treasurer and Kim Kulper will take the place of President, giving Clare more time for her accountancy firm during the Covid-19 pandemic. Janette Lewis will continue to oversee the Australian studbook as Registrar. Kaitlin Colless will continue as Vice President.  The general committee has stayed the same as last year and is made up of very interesting people.  We are very fortunate that there are dedicated Hanoverian breeders willing to give their time to the society to maintain the status quo and learn new ways to create a thrifty horse economy during an economic downturn with barriers to movement. 

Kind regards,
Kim A Kulper

HHSA Executive Committee 2020

HHSA Executive Committee 2020