HHSA Young Horse Competition Results

Dear Riders, Breeders and Supporters,

The Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia broke new ground on the 14th February 2015 (Valentine’s Day) and for the first time hosted a Young Horse Competition for 4, 5 and 6 year old dressage horses. As with all first ventures we stepped out into the great unkown, but by the number of happy faces around the arena on the day, we must have managed to get most things correct.

One highlight was the presentation of a chocolate rose and sparkling apple juice (we knew EQ had a rule somewhere about wine) to each rider as they left the arena after their test.

This event would not be possible without the support of our fabulous sponsors – Prydes Easifeeds, Edwards Saddlery, EQuest Dressage, The Pines Equestrian Centre and Belrock Equestrian. We hope that your support will be available in the future so that this first venture can grow and become a ‘must attend’ competition on the dressage calendar.

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Download the following PDF to see the results!

HHSA Young Horse Competition Results


Kim Kulper

HHSA Secretary

Harrier Hill Falconess - Victoria Welch