Applying for Classification

The following requirements should be fulfilled when applying for classification of mares:

Applicants should hold Hanoverian Breeder membership with the Society. Hanoverian Partner members must upgrade to Hanoverian Breeder membership status. New members are levied the full year’s fees if applying for membership and presenting a horse. They must then pay the next financial year’s dues when renewals are issued in July.

Applicants must complete and sign the Classification Application Form and Declaration and forward it with the appropriate fees to the Society. No mares will be assessed without prior payment and paperwork in place.

Those wishing to performance test their mare must request this service beforehand. The original pedigree papers should be sent to the Society prior to classification /performance testing by Registered Post.

If the mare is not to be presented, the applicant should advise the Society as soon as practicable. The Committee will determine if a refund will be given. No refunds are possible if the mare fails classification.

Applicants must advise the Society of the name they have chosen for their mare. They should list three choices as the first choice is not always available. Mares must be named by the first letter of their sire’s name. Stud Prefixes/Suffixes are only allowable by the breeder of the horse. New owners cannot put their own prefix/suffix to a horse they have not bred.

After endorsement, the owner is posted the mare’s Classification Score sheet as well as her pedigree paper. The pedigree paper will be endorsed under the Society’s seal with the mare’s name, life number, stud book section and owner and performance test results (if applicable).