Membership Benefits

25 Great Reasons to Join the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA)

Following are some excellent benefits to breeders and rider/supporter members when joining this internationally registered, forward thinking, professional society:

  1. The Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA) is an internationally recognized Breed Society, not just a national registering body.
  2. From 2014, all foals successfully registered with the HHSA will be issued with passports created from the database of the Hannoveraner Verband in Germany.
  3. The HHSA is a member of the World Breeding Federation of Sport WBFSH Horses. The WBFSH is the only international federation of studbooks for sport horses in the world and is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the international equestrian sport (FEI).
  4. We follow ‘quality controlled’ breeding guidelines set down by the Hanoverian Verband. This ‘quality control’ makes the Hanoverian the breed of choice for many riders throughout the world.
  5. The choice of stallions available to HHSA members incorporates all licensed and performance tested Hanoverian stallions throughout the world PLUS all stallions from other Warmblood studbooks that are approved for ‘Hannover’.
  6. The HHSA allocates every registered horse with a Universal Equine Life Number (UELN). The aim of this UELN is to ensure that each horse in the world can be identified via this one unique number.
  7. The Hanoverian breed was developed more than 270 years ago.
  8. The Hannoveraner Verband has been a Breeding Society for more than 120 years.
  9. Internationally, we are one of only four Daughter Societies of the Hanoverian Verband throughout the world.
  10. The HHSA is an innovative society, continually introducing new and more progressive ways to help our members and promote our horses.
  11. We are responsive to our members needs and welcome all suggestions and comments.
  12. HHSA registered horses are eligible to compete at the World Young Horse Championships in Europe.
  13. Each year the HHSA holds an annual assessment tour for stud mares and foals around Australia with a German classifier appointed by the Hannoveraner Verband.
  14. Access to the Hannoveraner Verband statistics on stallion genetic heritability allows you to breed with knowledge.
  15. Our website and our Facebook page are a great source of knowledge plus they are constantly updated.

The HHSA has two types of memberships (1) Breeder membership for those members actively breeding and those wishing to have voting rights, and (2) Rider/supporter membership (non-voting) which is available to riders and generally people with non-breeding stock. All members receive these great benefits:

  1. A monthly publication titled ‘Der Hannoverian’ issued by the Hannoveraner Verband in Germany via email (English version)
  2. The quarterly HHSA Newsletter via email.
  3. Participation in HHSA events offered around Australia.
  4. Eligibility for prestigious national HHSA Awards such as Top 10 foals, Champion mare, Champion Family, Premium Hanoverian Mares, Performance Mares, Dressage Horse of the Year (per level), Showjumper of the Year, plus more.
  5. Receive a 20% discount on State Stud Celle Frozen Semen from Germany.
  6. Discount for clinics with visiting International Instructors and rider subsidies when available.
  7. Free Stud listings on the HHSA website.
  8. Promotion of horses/studs at state and national trade stands at competitions.
  9. Automatic eligibility to advertise HHSA registered horses in our ‘for sale’ catalogues promoted on our website.
  10. Access to worldwide Hanoverian connections.