Membership Types

The Hanoverian Horse Society offers several classes of membership.


Whose number shall be unlimited and who shall make application in writing. Hanoverian Breeders must own either a Hanoverian classified mare or a performance tested licensed stallion. A member with a lease of a Main Studbook Mare may be a breeding member providing the leased mare is actively breeding. A lease agreement and Service Certificate stating that the mare was bred in each relevant breeding season must be provided to the Registrar. When the lease is completed or the mare is in-active, the lessee is no longer a Breeding Member. Hanoverian Breeders shall have one vote at General Meetings of the Society.


Members who shall have a maximum number of five. Honorary members may be admitted to membership of the Society by resolution of the Committee in respect of persons who have rendered valuable service to the Society and for such period as the Committee shall think fit. Honorary members shall be entitled to have one vote at General Meetings of the Society.


Any person who has rendered valuable service to the Society may, at an Annual General Meeting, be elected a Life Member. A nomination for Life Membership shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder and be lodged with the Secretary not less than two weeks immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting and notice shall be placed on the Agenda and distributed to all members. Life members have all the rights and privileges and are subject to the obligations of breeder members save that they shall not be liable for any payment of any annual subscription.


A company, partnership, firm or business may be admitted to membership of the Society in a manner similar to Hanoverian Breeders. The corporate member shall appoint a person who shall act as its proxy at General Meetings of the Society.


A family group membership shall be comprised of a parent or parents and children of that family group who have not attained the age of 18 years. The number of family group members shall be unlimited. Each family group member shall be entitled to a maximum of one vote at General Meetings of the Society.


Persons interested in the aims of the Hanoverian Society but who do not have breeding horses registered with the Society and who do not wish to be entitled to vote at the Meetings of the Society can take out Hanoverian Partner membership and shall be entitled to receive newsletters and be entitled to other privileges of the Society other than voting at Meetings.

To apply for membership visit our “Forms” page where you can download, complete and forward the “Application for Membership” to the Society with the appropriate membership fee.

To see the membership fee breakdown, click here.