News Update – November 2017

Hello Friends,

For those  who are not aware, the recent AGM saw myself elected as President and Janette Lewis has moved into the role as Registrar.  We look forward to having Janette’s continued input.  I am sure I will be calling her on many occasions!!   Further information regarding the new committee can be found here on our website:

Moving on,  it’s getting to that time of the year again when our members need to be giving  consideration to the upcoming tour, presently scheduled for mid-February to early March 2018. Information about our classifier Katy Holder-Vale can be found below.  Getting your paperwork in early really assists us with the tour organisation. Please use our online portal to complete your Foal Registrations and to renew your Membership:     This is the preferred method for completion and increases accuracy of processing.

There is additional information below to help keep you abreast of what’s new and happening within the HHSA.  We are interested in new ideas from our members and welcome your constructive feedback.   There are often many jobs that need to be done to keep the HHSA running smoothly. Remember you don’t have to be on the Committee to offer to help out.  Please feel free to contact myself or any of the committee to see where you can be of assistance.


The final batch of passports for 2017 are ready to leave Germany. If you are waiting on passports, they will be posted within a week of arriving in Australia. Please watch for them and make sure you do not miss collection slips from the post office as you may need to sign for them.


All current financial members will receive a membership card after their membership has been paid. Last year it was black this year it is green. If you don’t have a card like the one shown in the photo then chances are you are not currently financial.

The membership number will allow you access to the Hanoverian/Rhineland database. You need to enter the email address that you use for emails from the HHSA. To gain access go to and click as shown below. You will be able to find pedigrees on your own horses and other horses entered in our database.



Our National Tour will commence in mid February 2018 and travel around Australia over a 3 week period. In order to make the foal registration process a little easier now is the time to make sure you have your service certificate ready. Not sure what to do – just send an email so that we can enlighten you.

As your foals are born please go online to nominate your foal or mare for the tour. Please note that we do not accept nominations for the tour by phone, email or text message.


The HHSA follows the rules set out by the Hannoveraner Verband. When it comes to naming your foal most of the time we name the foal with a name starting with the first letter of the Sire’s name. However, for every rule there has to be exceptions and this occurs:

Where the studbook of origin uses a different naming system, Hannover goes back to the Hanoverian in the pedigree. The table below shows the letter to start the name. Eg. The name for foals by 00 Seven would start with R. Prestige VDL foal the name starts with S.


Furioso xx ‘F’ All at Once, Amandari, Ampere, Borsalino, Bretton Woods, Don Juan de Hus, Don Olymbrio L, Duvalier, Jazz, Johnson, Metall, Negro, Rousseau,  Sezuan, Uthopia, Wilton, Wynton, Zack, Zalbaster
Ladykiller xx ‘L’ Bordeaux,  Buckingham, Chippendale, Fighting Alpha, Krack C, Numero Uno, Tomahawk, Tornesch, United, Ustinov, Van Gogh, Veneno, Veneziano, Vilancio, Vitalis, Vivaldi
Quidam de Revel ‘Q’ Baltic, Be Careful, Galant de Semilly, Verdi, Zinedine
Flavius ‘W’ Lancet
Cor de la Bryere ‘C’ Arezzo, Eldorado v.d.Z., Messenger, Monte Bellini, Zavall
Voltire ‘V’ Marius Claudius, Kannan, Toronto, Uccello, Wilton
Silvano ‘S’ Prestige VDL
Rubinstein ‘R’ 00 Seven
Baloubet du Rouet – Alme ‘B’ Chaman


Good luck to all our members and breeders over the breeding season.

Dean Izzard
Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia Inc.