Hanoverian Breeders Evening

2022 HHSA Breeders Evening will be held during the Sydney CDI!

April 29th 2022
Italian restaurant, Il Piatto 6:30-7:00pm start.

Join fellow breeders for a social evening to catch up and talk all things horses!
Tour awards, trophies plus performance awards announced during dinner.
Please fill out form below to RSVP.

Shu Fu Körung München 2020

Celle State Stud – Stallion Service Raffle 2021

Design your Hanoverian Foal for 2021

The HHSA are pleased to be partnering with Celle Stud who has kindly donated a service from a stallion of your choice. The winner is responsible for shipping and storage of semen with their veterinarian.

Tickets are $10.00 each and the raffle will be drawn on the 11th August. The only way to purchase your tickets is through our online portal below the flyer.


2021 Foal Assessment Video

Reminder to get your Hanoverian and Rhineland foal registration and video classifications in!

Here is an excellent example of a foal Assessment video

If you are not certain that the pedigree of your foal is acceptable then please call or email the Registrar to check. To nominate your foal click this link:
If your foal/s are already born then please do your online form as soon as possible. 

a. Branding by a HHSA representative may not be possible in 2021 so it is recommended that you have your foal microchipped. Many of our breeders are choosing to microchip all foals. 
b. Foals must be named when you do the online form.
c. It is also appreciated if you have obtained your Service Certificate from the semen supplier. Every foal registered through the HHSA requires a Service Certificate. The process is: 
Have your veterinarian fill in and sign an Artificial Insemination Form. Here is the link: http://www.hanoverian.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/AI_Certificate.pdf
Send the completed form to whoever sold you the semen. The semen supplier then supplies the Service Certificate. The service certificate should be uploaded to the application for foal registration.

We understand that foals will not walk or trot in straight lines or stand square on command.
Try your best to include:
Both side views of all four limbs, knees and hocks downwards, front view and  hind view of all four limbs, knees and hocks downwards. 
Foal walking away on level surface and foal walking towards on level surface plus side view of foal walking.
Foal trotting away on level surface and foal trotting towards on level surface plus side view of foal trotting.
The name and pedigree of your foal must also be included.


Videos for both mares and foals must be submitted by the 15th March 2021.

Video editing apps such as Vimeo or Splice can be used to assist in removing unwanted sections of your footage.

  1. Do the online form Application for Mare Classification or Foal Registration. Ensure you are a financial breeder member. Create your videos using the guidelines provided. Every effort will be made to use the videos that are submitted; however, they can be rejected for poor lighting, angles that do not adequately show the horse or other technical difficulty. No longer than 5 minutes per horse/foal. Be sure you name your video with the full name of the horse/foal including prefix/suffix and not a stable name or abbreviation.
  2. Submit your videos through the following methods:
  • Upload to Vimeo or Youtube and send the link via email to hanoverian@hanoverian.org.au
  • Mail a USB to the Registrar – Janette Lewis 303 Tallegalla Rd Tallegalla QLD 4340
  • Send to Janette Lewis via What’s App or Facebook Messenger. Because of video quality loss do not use messages or email.

Young Horse & Pony Dressage Competition

Entries are now open for the Young Horse Competition being put on by the HHSA at Gatton, QLD on Sat Feb 20th. Check out the program below, great prize money on offer. Stabling, camping, and Coffee Van/Food Truck will be on site. Entries via Nominate Here

2021 Mare Classification Video

This year mare classifications will be done mainly (if not all) by video. This classification allows your mare, if she qualifies, to enter the Hanoverian or Rhineland studbook.
If you have a 3yo or older mare that was registered Hanoverian as a foal, she will need to be classified into the Main Studbook so her foals can be registered as Hanoverian.
If you have a mare that is registered with another approved society (such as Anglo, Thoroughbred, AWHA, etc) but qualifies to be approved Hanoverian or Rhineland, the mare classification is what you need to do in order to register her foals as Hanoverian or Rhineland.
Additionally, if you have a mare that was never registered as a foal, but her dam and sire are Hanoverian or Rhineland, you can also complete the registration and mare classification to enter her into the appropriate studbook.

Please find the video format for Mare Classification here. There are further instructions in the video description.

The Application for mare classification through the HHSA can be found here

If you have any questions as to if your mare is eligible, please contact the registrar janette.lewis@live.com.au.

Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia logo

HHSA Webinar – Wine With Ludwig-Bloodlines

Join Dr Ludwig Christmann from the Hanoverian Verband for a 2 hour webinar to discuss European stallions, mare lines and latest breeding trends, both dressage and jumping.

Fill in the form below to attend the Zoom meeting.

Ludwig webinar flyer

2021 National Tour Update

It is happening!!! 2020 has shown we need to adapt to everything that COVID throws at us and this will include the 2021 National Tour. International travel is impossible but once again the Verband is assisting, however the format of our tour will be different in 2021. German classifiers will be reviewing endless videos of mares and foals.

Foals can be registered in the following methods:

  • If your mare is already classified then simply fill in Application for Foal Registration online and we will post out a DNA pack and marking sheet for your vet to fill in. 
  • As above, but also video your foal so it can be judged for gold and silver awards.
  • Attend a venue where HHSA representatives can assist with video, taking DNA and doing markings and branding. No scores will be given on the day.

    Mares can be classified in the following methods:
  • Follow the instructions and submit a video of your mare. Your mare will then be assessed by a classifier panel. 
  • Attend a central venue where HHSA classifier is present and a HHSA
    representative is there to assist with video. Your mare will also be assessed by the classifier panel. No scores will be given on the day.

To check out the tour and video inspection guidelines, please click here.

HHSA Executive Committee 2020

HHSA Executive Committee 2020 AGM

The Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia held their AGM October 31, 2020 at Porters Plainland Hotel, Queensland, heart of breeding country, to cheer up Hanoverian breeders who have struggled through three years of drought. Attendees enjoyed a three-course meal and conversation with other breeders during the meeting.  Giant baseball sized hail was warned during the AGM, and we had many breeders there such as Dr. and Mrs. Duggan from NSW, who travelled inland to the venue with their new baby in tow.  Thankfully, no one suffered storm damage while attending the AGM. It was heart-warming to see younger breeders ready to step up and be willing to work in a committed group to pass on the love of the Hanoverian Horse.

Dr. Beasley discussed the problem of worms and bio-worming concepts, plus specialist equine reproductive vet, Dr. Chopin, discussed mares and problems with getting them in foal and getting the foal to full term and born.  He had to field questions from top breeders, like Cheryl O’Brien, but he was prepared with excellent answers.

The Committee welcomed two new persons onto the Executive team:  Sarah Walters is the new Secretary and Carla Stanford is Treasurer.  Due to work constraints, Clare Muller will be supervising the new treasurer and Kim Kulper will take the place of President, giving Clare more time for her accountancy firm during the Covid-19 pandemic. Janette Lewis will continue to oversee the Australian studbook as Registrar. Kaitlin Colless will continue as Vice President.  The general committee has stayed the same as last year and is made up of very interesting people.  We are very fortunate that there are dedicated Hanoverian breeders willing to give their time to the society to maintain the status quo and learn new ways to create a thrifty horse economy during an economic downturn with barriers to movement. 

Kind regards,
Kim A Kulper

HHSA Executive Committee 2020

HHSA Executive Committee 2020

Hanoverian & Rhineland Australia Logo

2020 National Hanoverian & Rhineland Tour Report

A big dose of good luck made it possible for our National Hanoverian/Rhineland tour to go ahead and be completed. Our classifier, Dr. Ludwig Christmann arrived home in Germany to find coronavirus had taken hold and he was required to do two weeks of self isolation.