The objectives of the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (inc.) are:

  1. To represent the interests of, and to protect the integrity of, and to assist and further the aims of the Hannoveraner Verband of Verden, Germany, within Australia.
  2. To promote, encourage and improve the breeding of the Hanoverian horse in Australia.
  3. To gather together people interested in the furtherance of the Hanoverian breed.
  4. To keep accurate stud records for approved Hanoverian horses.
  5. To keep in a clear and unmistakable way, the records of broodmares and their classification; and the records of stallions qualifying for breeding purposes and to follow the progress and potential for training of their progeny.
  6. To compile, print and publish at intervals a Stud Book for all horses registered with the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia.
  7. To set out breed specifications and supervise shows and the presentation of the breed.
  8. To conduct sales of both proven breeding material and performance horses.
  9. To conduct competitions, lectures and instructional courses necessary to achieve the aims of the Society.
  10. To encourage the importation of stock for the improvement of type.
  11. To compile and maintain a list of persons competent to act as judges and classifiers of Hanoverian horses.
  12. To work with agricultural and pastoral societies and all horse breeding societies to encourage and promote the best possible progeny.
  13. To promote and facilitate the further education and training of judges, classifiers, members and their horses in the three Olympic disciplines.
  14. To collect and publish information regarding Hanoverian horses.