Passports for 2014 Foals

New Passports picFor all our breeders who foals presented on the 2014 tour, your patience is appreciated. We are pleased to report the passports for the branded or eligible for branding Hanoverian foals have left Germany on their way to Australia. The HHSA committee has spent the last 12 months merging  with the VIT European database so that HHSA foals receive internationally accepted passports.  We expect to have the passports posted out to all of our members within the next few weeks.

Attached is a collection of passports before they were packed by the Verband and sent on their way to Australia.

To everyone who has foals being born and mares being bred, best of luck from the HHSA and we hope your breeding dreams come true. If your foals are born then it is now time to prepare. We recommend you take a look around our website and start to prepare your paperwork for the 2015 tour.