Pryde’s EasiFeed Leaderboard

Prydes EasiFeed2015 Pryde’s Easifeed Novice/Elementary Leaderboard

Now in its seventh year, the 2015 Pryde’s Easifeed Novice/Elementary Leaderboard has become an influential and prestigious tally of proven results, and the one to be recognised on.  The Pryde’s Leaderboard acknowledges and rewards registered Hanoverian horses, their owners/riders and most importantly their breeders throughout selected competitions at both Novice and Elementary levels all around Australia.  It proves that Hanoverians are the horses you should be riding your dressage test on, so make it your goal to get your name on the Pryde’s Leaderboard in 2015!


NSW 8/03/2015 Singleton Dressage Club
26/04/2015 Somersby Dressage Club
17/05/2015 Hunter Valley Dressage Club
7/05/2015 Sydney Dressage Club
21/06/2015 Central West Dressage Club
10-12/07/15 Dressage NSW
19/07/2015 REA Wagga Wagga Dressage Club
2/08/2015 ACT Canberra Dressage Assoc
15-16/08/15 Dressage NSW
3-6/09/15 NSW State Championships
16-17/10/15 Wuirindi & District Equitation Club
21-25/10/15 Aust. Dressage Championships
8/11/2015 Hawkesbury Dressage Club
29/11/2015 Central Coast Dressage Club
QLD 8/03/2015 Park Ridge Adult Riding Club
12/04/2015 Caboolture Dressage Club
22-24/05/15 Toowoomba Dressage
06-7/06/15 Atherton Tablelands Dressage Group
12-14/06/15 Caboolture Dressage Club
09/08/2015 Lockyer Equestrian Group
15/08/2015 North Qld Equestrian Group
14-16/08/15 Qld Dressage Festival
22-23/08/15 Nerang & District Equestrian Club
15/09/2015 Townsville Dressage Club
25-27/09/15 North Coast Active Riders Group
22-25/10/15 Aust National Dressage Championships
08/11/2015 Nerang & District Equestrian Club
23/11/2015 North Coast Active Riders Group
SA 11/01/2015 Adelaide Hills Dressage Club
22/02/2015 Dressage Club of SA
14/03/2015 Mt Crawford Dressage Club
17-19/04/15 SA State Dressage Championships
25/05/2015 Mid South East Dressage Club
14/06/2015 Adelaide Hills Dressage Club
19/07/2015 Southern Vales Dressage Club
30/08/2015 Dressage Club of SA
26-27/09/15 Mid South East Dressage Club
10-11/10/15 Adelaide Hills Dressage Club
01/11/2015 South Aust Dressage Assoc
28/11/2015 Mt Crawford Dressage Club
13/12/2015 Adelaide Hills Dressage Club
Vic 18/01/2015 Yarra Valley Dressage Club
22/01/2015 Boneo Park Classic
22/02/2015 Victorian Dressage Club
22/03/2015 Boneo Park Autumn Dressage Championships
19/05/2015 AHAA Dressage Competition
14/05/2015 Western Victorian Dressage Club
22/06/2015 Victorian Dressage Club
19/07/2015 Whittlesea Plenty Valley Dressage Club
89/08/2015 Tatura Dressage Classic
12-13/09/15 Victorian Dressage Club Championships
04/10/2015 Westernport Dressage Club
15/11/2015 BDDC-The Dancing Horse Classic
10-13/12/15 Vic Dressage Festival
WA 21-22/02/15 Southern Districts Dressage Club
14-15/03/15 Busselton Autumn Week of Dressage
10/04/2015 EWA Twilight Dressage
25-26/04/15 State Dressage Championships
23-24/05/15 DAWA Dressage Championships
04/06/2015 Dressage WA
27-28/06/15 EWA Jumping & Dressage
25/07/2015 Southern Districts Dressage Club
01-2/08/15 Henty Winter Dressage Championships
10/09/2015 Dressage WA – Mid Winter Dressage C/ships
10/10/2015 Swan Valley Dressage Association
01/11/2015 Perth Dressage Club


Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entry is purely by participation in the competitions advertised as above here on the HHSA website.
  2. Both Owner and Horse MUST be current financial members of the HHSA to enter, and entry upon the Leaderboard will not be retrospective. Your entry will only be recognized from the day your registration with the HHSA is complete.
  3. Competitors can email results at any time throughout the year, to These results will be from competitions listed by the HHSA as participating competitions .
  4. There is no requirement to send in forms, or apply to participate in any of these events, emailing results is sufficient.
  5. The HHSA will collate entries and results and provide points (1-6) according to the placing/s from 1st to 6th.
  6. Championship points do not count towards this competition, just competition points. This is due to the fact that championship awards are collated and granted at the end of the year as part of the HHSA annual awards.
  7. The winner of the Leaderboard will be announced at the end of the competition year upon collation of all results, when received and verified.