Prydes Easyfeed Novice – Elementary Leaderboard Results for 2014

Franziska imp. Congratulations to Rachel & Adrian Whiting and Sharon Cox,  who own Franziska imp. Winner of the Prydes Easifeed  Leaderboard for 2014.  Franziska imp. is a 6 year old chesnut mare by Furst Nymphenburg and was imported during the clever initiative run by the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia to import fillies into Australia from Germany.  Franziska imp. was very capably ridden by Ruth Schneeberger from South Australia.  Ruth has been Franziska’s imp. competition rider and together they had four wins and seven placing’s at for their winning 47 points.  It is lovely to see a mare successfully competing.

The Prydes Easifeed  Leaderboard takes results from selected Novice and Elementary tests in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with the overall winner receiving a tremendous prize of a pallet of Prydes Easifeed.  A big thank you to Prydes, who have been a supporter of the HHSA for seven years now and are one of our main sponsors.

Second place goes to a Queensland bred Hanoverian, Remi Flashdance from Western Australia.  Owned by Elizabeth Anderson, Remi Flashdance  by the late Fisherman’s Friend, won five tests and was place five times for 41 points.

The third horse is Revalentino,  an imported gelding by Rubinero, owned by Joanne and Courtney Barbera of Queensland.  Revalentino imp. and Courtney are on the Dressage Queensland 2015  Young Rider Senior Squad.

A quick breakdown of the breeding of the horses who made it onto the leaderbord show some trends that may interest you

  • The most represented line is the F line with a total of 14 horses being by an F stallion.
  • Of the F stallions, Fisherman’s Friend has the most progeny with ten horses.  This is just under 25%.
  • The R line is in second place with eight horses, five of these are by Rotspon.
  • The W line is third with seven horses, five by Australian standing stallion Whisper.

Unfortunately not all breeders of Hanoverians register their horses, many Hanoverians were competing but are unregistered.  Remi Stud who bred seven horses on the leaderboard, three in the top ten, has a policy of Hanoverian registering all their foals, colts and fillies, which has undoubtedly contributed to their good showing on the leaderboard.

Congratulations again to Franziska imp., her owners and rider, and all horses that made it on the leaderboard.


Franziska imp. 47
Remi Flashdance 41
Revalentino imp. 38
Fiderfurst imp. 33
Remi Lady Locksley 27
Revelwood Florentine 25
Everton Weltstar 22
Mayfield Why Not 21
Remi Frangelica 21
Jaybee Royalty 13
Cabaret C imp. 12


Arnage Rococco
Bluefield Kenia
Elite Destiny
Elite Geronomo
Elite Rosendahl
Everton Dreamtime
Ferrero Red Onyx
Harrier Hill Falconess
Heathcote Park Heiress
Jaybee Don Eduardo
Jaybee Romantic
Matavia Fisher King
New World William the Conqueror
New World Winston
Quebec 51
Redwood Rockabilly
Regal Fame and Fortune
Remi Faberge
Remi First Edition
Remi Lord Locksley
Remi Whispering Star
Revelwood Fleur
Ribbleton Felipe
Roxleigh Fandango
Rolls Royce M
Sara Hit
Sevenoaks Friar Tuck
SS Welt Music
UQG Animation
UQG Winter Lily
Yarra Glen Hiraani