Prince Noir


1991, black, 16.2hh.
100 day performance tested in Germany, receiving excellent marks for his rideability, Dressage ability and paces.

This beautiful black stallion has it all – breeding, performance, elegance, temperament.  His sire, the recently deceased Prince Thatch, has produced many successful dressage horses in Europe including German Dressage Champion and team member, Piccolino.

His dam features the blood of the legendary Absatz – the sire who gave the modern Hanoverian its refinement and quality.

Prince Noir has had a successful competition career in Europe and Australia up to FEI level with various riders.

‘The Prince’ is a superbly elegant horse with ‘picture book’ good looks.  He is jet black with four white stockings and a perfect blaze to set off perfect conformation and stunning presence.  He would be just as ‘at home’ in the show ring,  as he is in the Dressage Arena.  Prince Noir carries the blood of the very successful thoroughbred stallion Prince Thatch who is found in the pedigrees of some of the most successful Dressage horses competing in Europe today … and like so many of these highly prized individuals … he is of the finer more elegant type rather than the  ‘old fashioned’ heavier Warmblood,  that first made it’s mark 30 years ago.

Dr Barbara Burrows

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