Licensing of Stallions

For a stallion to be considered for licensing, the dam as well as her own dam must be registered in the Main Stud Book, the great-grandam on the dam’s side must at least be registered in the Stud Book.

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DAM Dam’s Sire Grandam’s Sire Great-Grandam’s Sire (Main Stud Book or Stud Book)

Licensing is the decision taken by the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia or the Hannoveraner Verband and its associated daughter societies concerning the provisional use of a stallion within the context of the breeding program. In making the decision, the features of the external appearance as well as the performance potential are considered particularly carefully in as far as these are evident from the available information.

The licensing decision is as follows:-

  • Licensed
  • Not Licensed

The decision concerning licensing is to be passed on to the owner of the stallion in writing. The notation “Licensed” is to be entered into the pedigree papers.

The licensing is to be withdrawn if a condition for granting it was not met with at the time; is to be revoked if one of the requirements subsequently lapses; may be revoked if a condition was attached to the licensing and the owner has not fulfilled it or not done so within the required period of time.

The stallion owner is entitled to file an objection to the licensing decision. This must be done within a period of four (4) weeks after the decision has been made known. This must be done in writing and include reasons. The Committee shall nominate a new Evaluation Commission, all members of which, apart from the Breeding Director, are to be newly appointed. The decision shall also be taken concerning the place and time of the new presentation of the stallion.

The dates of the licensings and how these are to be conducted is to be laid down by the Committee.

Applications for licensing of stallions must be made on the official application form and must be accompanied by the application fee. This fee is non-refundable. This fee covers the cost of licensing procedure. Older stallions with performance records that pass licensing are liable for annual stallion registration in the upcoming financial year.

Application for Stallion Pre Licensing

Application for Stallion Pre-Inspection/Licensing