Service Certificates

The owners of all stallions currently financially registered in the Stallion Book must purchase a Service Certificate Booklet from the Society. These forms must be completed for every mare the stallion serves whether the mare is eligible for Hanoverian registration or not. The forms are non-carbonised forms which are in triplicate – the top copy is to be forwarded to the Society, the duplicate to the mare owner and the triplicate copy stays in the book. Certificates must be completed and lodged with the Society by the 30th April of each year.

Stallion owners must carefully note the colour, markings and brands of the mare covered and note these on the Service Certificate. These details should not be copied from registration papers and should NOT be left until the end of the stud season.

If the mare has been covered by two stallions in the same season, it is essential that two Service Certificates be lodged and DNA will be required to establish paternity.

Any mares inseminated by transported or frozen semen must have a Service Certificate as well as an Artificial Insemination Form completed by both the stallion owner and the veterinary surgeon who performed the insemination. This form should be sent with the semen when it is sent to the veterinary surgeon who will do the insemination. The form should be sent intact and when all information on the form in completed, the mare owner should retain their copy and forward the original and the final copy to the Society who will forward the final copy to the stallion owner for their records.

Semen dealers should complete the appropriate section of the Artificial Insemination Form and forward it with the semen to the veterinary surgeon to complete the remaining sections.

Stallion owners should note the name and address of the mare owner carefully so that the Society may contact them regarding registration of the resulting foal.

The mare owner should contact both the stallion owner and the Society regarding the foal’s birth and also advise if the foal was miscarried, stillborn or died after birth.

Progeny of unfinancial performance tested stallions can be registered but a levy will apply. It is very important for both the stallion owner and the mare owner that the stallion owner has no outstanding fees that would prevent registration of his progeny.