Stallion Performance Testing

A stallion that has passed the Licensing procedure must then successfully complete a Performance Test before he can be fully registered in the Stallion Book.

Currently the performance testing of stallions at a Performance Testing Station is not available in Australia.

In the Performance Test, stallions are tested under the following criteria both in training and in the test itself under their usual rider and a test rider.

  • Character
  • Temperament
  • Willingness to Work
  • Overall Capacity to Work
  • Rideability
  • Jumping Ability
    • Freejumping
    • Parcours
    • Training
  • Walk
  • Trot
  • Canter
  • Cross Country – Gallop/Jumping

Stallions are tested over a period of either 30 or 70 days.

Those tested over 70 days must gain at least 90 points in the Performance Test whilst stallions registered with another recognised warmblood breeding association must gain a higher number of points to be considered to have passed the Performance Test.

A stallion can also do a 30 day test but in order to complete the performance testing he must also qualify for the Bundeschampionate for young riding horses.

If the stallion does not pass the Performance Test or the Performance Test option is not available, stallions may pass the standards required for full registration in the Stallion Book through competition. This may be done at any age. The stallion may be Licensed and have had this lapse or the stallion’s owners may choose to present him for licensing after the achievement of the competition standards.

The required standards are five placings 1st to 3rd in open jumper classes (A & B Grade show jumping) or FEI Dressage (Prix St Georges at 65% or above) or three placings 1st to 3rd in a Three Day Event at Medium or Advanced Level.

Stallions registered with another recognized Warmblood breeding association must gain higher scores to be accepted which is determined by the Hannoveraner Verband guidelines.