YH Championships 17th & 18th February 2018

Welcome to the HHSA 2018 YH Championships 17th & 18th February 2018  Gatton Indoor Arena.

Please note the important information below:

  • Stable Warden Anthony: 0437 838 059 on the unlocking of stables you will be given a ‘wrist band’ which entitles you to the welcome BBQ Dinner. (A stable plan is posted at the end of the stable walls, and is attached to the draw) Please ensure you use your allocated stable. Stables must be left clean for you to get your stable bond back. There refunds will be processed through nominate.com the week after the event.
  • BBQ Dinner: Please indicate by return e-mail if you are attending the BBQ dinner prior to the event for catering purposes.
  • First Aid Officer: Dean 0412 177 818
  • Gear Steward: Karim Cham & Cecily Draper
  • On Call Vet: Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services: 07 5411 4554
  • Your Horse Health Declaration can be found here: Equestrian Qld. Horse Health Declaration and also attached to this e-mail These to handed in Gear Check prior to your ride. No Horse Health Declaration (HHD) = no ride.
  • Callers not allowed.
  • Please be familiar with the recent Rule Changes regarding bits and equipment. We have an official Stewards at this event.
  • If you have volunteered for a job, THANKYOU, there will be a ‘Workers Roster’ at Gear Check, please check in for your job. We mainly need help with area set up Saturday afternoon and take down Sunday morning after competition about 10:30am.
  • You are most welcome to wear your club, sponsor, smart polo type shirts for this event. Sleeveless shirts are not acceptable. Riding Jackets optional.
  • The HHSA encourages non-riding members, and non-EA Members to complete a day membership form. These will be kept at Gear Check
  • Lunging of the Horse and Rider is strictly not allowed.
  • Presentations will be after each class.
  • Arena Familiarisation will be available on the Saturday prior to commencement of competition. Please note arena set up will also need to occur at some stage late morning early afternoon.
  • It’s going to be hot so: Ice buckets, sponges will be provided at the warm up and entry to stable areas. Please be familiar with the EA Hot Weather Policy: Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy 2017

You can download the draw here: 2018 Gatton Draw

Most importantly: Have fun, stay as cool as you can, and look after each other and your horses.

The HHSA Team:
Dean, Janette, Kim, Kaitlin, Clare & Anthony